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The Forward Story

The idea to hike all Australian states and territories across a year hit me as we were dodging cows across Manbulloo Station just outside of Katherine, NT.  It was the final leg of a three day canoe and five day hike trip. I’d been shaken out of my sluggish headspace and my mind and body were invigorated.   The trip showed me that I could thrive on insulin in the wild, which made me feel like I could do anything. I wanted more adventures.  The idea to turn it into a real project and to write out loud about it came from my friend Jonathan, who for his trouble had to give little ol’ Luddite me a crash course in Social Media 101.

kick offI am a novice looking to explore the outdoors and to build my skills to be in it.  I am a relative new comer to the Type 1 world who does not want to be limited by her illness.  I’m an Australian who has backpacked overseas but has not seen as much of her own vast country as she’d like.  I am a person who is throwing the deck of cards up in the air to reshape and change her life.  I’m someone who only first got a mobile phone 3 years ago when her workplace insisted on it, who is now starting to appreciate the opportunities of interacting with the world in contemporary ways.

I’m writing this in late August 2013.  It’s my intention to hike in all Australian states and territories by the end of 2014.  That gives me 16 months.

The trail destinations, the exact schedule and life/trip logistics are all still to be established.  There’s going to be a lot of making this up as I go along and I have a lot to learn.  I’m hoping to engage with many people along the way to get their tips, encouragement, advice and suggestions to help.  I hope people find the tales to come of interest.  Perhaps you’ll comment to share some of your own experiences.

At this stage I’m hoping to get to Tasmania before the end of 2013.  South Australia is likely to be in March next year to coincide with my annual tradition of heading to WOMAD. Victoria will be my stomping training ground and I hope to cover lots of walks by the end of this year.  Given the climate I’ll be aiming for Queensland & Northern Territory around July-August 2014.  And somehow I need to squeeze in New South Wales, Western Australia and the ACT.

Will I road trip drive or fly?  Will I travel solo or will people in my life join in for a leg of the tour?  What gear do I need to get?  What skills do I need to learn?  What trails are the best ones and why? How am I going to fit in work, study, life?  Will this become an obsession? Do I need to organise a cake stall, sausage sizzle and/or trivia night?

Such questions are unanswered at the time of writing.  Stay tuned.  Things are about to get intrepid…

6 comments on “The Forward Story

  1. I’d love to be of help when you start planning your Tasmania trip. Hiking in my home state with an chronic medical condition is something of an area of expertise for me ;). I’m enjoying exploring your blog.

    • njd1insulin

      Thanks, Jenna. Some local tips would be great. I thought TAS might squeeze into this year (it still might) but given that I’m likely to be moving house in the next month or so the timings are now a bit up in the air. I’m leaning towards doing the Overland Track and Freycinet. But I’m off to visit your blog now!

      • There’s some gorgeous spots on the Freycinet peninsula, and the weather is usually quite reliable too. The overland track is tricky, in that you have to pick just the right point to not get overwhelmed by other hikers or snowed in! Just after the summer season is a good bet. There’s also lots of beautiful spots in the South West National Park, and Mount Field National Park.

  2. njd1insulin

    Maybe Freycinet and a cheeky side visit back to MONA would be a good start! Thanks Jenna.

  3. Rob Mc

    If you are passing through Melb and want to keep travelling around 50km east, we’d love to take you for a few walks in the Dandenongs!

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