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All Baled Up: The 153rd Kyneton Show

I was staring at a pretty girl in a lovely frock wrapped in plastic. And no, I had not hired Twin Peaks for the weekend. It was the Watts Pavilion … Continue reading

16/11/2013 · 5 Comments

Benalla’s Better Bike Hike (Outdoors in October Episode #2)

Today’s lessons…your bike doesn’t want to fit into your hatchback because you’ve tried to squeeze it in without taking off the front tyre. Quick release was invented for a reason. … Continue reading

13/10/2013 · 3 Comments

Bike and Hike: Black Hill Reserve (Outdoors in October Episode #1)

The Silver Bullet lived up to her name when I was city dweller.  We’d shoot past cars jammed in peak hour traffic. But with trucks and boat trailers zooming by … Continue reading

08/10/2013 · 4 Comments