Intrepid Tales on Insulin

Type 1 life adventures

Farewell to the House of Diagnosis

Moving house is arduous and I had the blood sugar lows to prove it.  For about four days I maintained an upright position thanks to ginger beer and a mobile … Continue reading

11/11/2013 · 3 Comments

The Year of Indulgence

My friend Chel and I have a tradition, almost a decade long now, which is our alternative to the standard new-year resolution.  Rather than being fixated on rigid objectives, we … Continue reading

15/08/2013 · 12 Comments

A Wee Introduction (July, 2013)

Five weeks ago I was hiking and canoeing in the Northern Territory, sweaty as a bastard and breathing in some of the most invigorating fresh air in Australia. Now back … Continue reading

15/08/2013 · 2 Comments