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8th Gorge, Nitmiluk, Northern Territory

8th Gorge, Nitmiluk, Northern Territory

Hi, I’m Nat (@intrepidinsulin).

I was eventually diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic a few of years ago (at age 37).

Wholefoods eater and holistic health enthusiast.

Escapee of F/T office-dweller bureaucratic drudgery.

Wannabe adventurer.

After an amazing insulin in the wild experience in 2013 I’ve been hatching plans to take me, my chronic illness and Lady Sharps on tour.  We’ll have been hiking somewhere in every Australian state and territory by the end of 2014 (well, that was the original assertion. Starting a small business has stretched the time frame to include 2015).

Along the way will be observations, the anecdotal, loads of learning and plenty of making it up as we go along.

Ms Sharps

Ms Sharps

Lady Sharps is a well contained travel companion who is rarely dull.  She makes pointed observations.  She first accompanied me on the Katherine/Nitmiluk trip in May-June 2013 and she is now struggling to keep her lid on her excitement at the adventures ahead.

4 comments on “Abridged About

  1. CultFit

    I can’t begin to thank you enough for stopping over and following my humble blog-o-thing! Be inspired and please take care. :)

  2. M

    Hi Nat! Thanks for spreading the message of diabetes with this great blog. Email me if you have a moment, I have a question and can’t find contact info on your site. Thanks!

    • njd1insulin

      Mario would like to spread the word about his centre’s blog for Diabetes Month 2013 (

      In terms of the one thing I’d like people to know…that it’s a constant juggle of a gazillion variables that are immediate, medium and long term. You might not see inside the head of a Type 1 but there is planning, calculation and consideration of a range of things, constantly ticking away.

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