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And the word for 2014 is…

CREATION.  Don’t worry, my version is fig leaf free.  I’ll expound on the word choice in a sec. But to embrace this year’s declaration, it’s become apparent that I first need to banish the following words: Stakeholder. Consultant. Policy. Strategy. Committee. Milestone. Engagement (with exceptions for fiancé finding usage).

IMG_0262In the gap since my last post I took on a 2nd job project managing bureaucrats, politicians and consultants (aka herding cats). Suddenly it was six days a week of work, VLine commuting, burgeoning office dread and benign neglect for Intrepid Tales on Insulin. Throw in my 40th birthday and a new housemate encountering her own major life transformations and it became impossible to ignore the gnawing, universe is telling me something sense that I was straying from the right path.  We’re only half joking, convinced our house is perched on a ley line.IMG_0274

The first day of the work year heralded my resignation from the city job. I will truly go insane if I have to read another consultant’s report, sit in an office with no real air or shape a strategic plan playing buzzword bingo in my head. I need to be a casual, active, itinerant worker to give myself the headspace to create a new life.

This means putting this hiking/writing project first and fitting in work around these life plans, not the other way around, which seems to be the default social norm. Sure this is less secure, scary as hell and not exactly lucrative – but then that’s only if your barometer for measuring life value is the dollar. In truth, I have been triple guessing and shitting myself about how this will work. But I’m more concerned about how crapola I’ll be if I don’t change things and I end up with the same old, same old rat race conundrums.

So the fear is being faced. Buying gear. Scheduling trips. Making it happen. Creating it. Prioritising creativity over cerebral. Recreating myself. Creating nourishing life in the garden. Active, not reactive. Creating opportunities. Creating energy by getting rid of the stagnant stuff.


Click on the pic to count the skippy roos playing statues.

The witnesses to my talking out loud declarations and justifications on 1 January 2014 were the kangaroos and echidna at Bald Hill, where I took my new beaut digital SLR out to pop its cherry. Just another of those close to home spots I’d never been to and which proved itself to be the perfect ramble about in drizzle restoration that I needed.

So, the life lessons keep on coming. This month’s incidental diabetic lesson is to check to the core of the fillet mignon before you shoot up, return the plate of raw cow to the hotel kitchen and have to wait for edible food to return. Emergency stash of potatoes to the rescue.

Aagh, it feels good to blog again. Weekly IToI posts (at a minimum) will now resume. And you can stay tuned for these following monthly activities to come:

  • January – Grampians after the nearby Rainbow Serpent Festival
  • February – Great Ocean Walk
  • March  – South Australia after WOMAD – trail to be determined
  • April – Overland Track in Tassie

7 comments on “And the word for 2014 is…

  1. meltwicediabetes

    So excited to hear your plans! I’m a bit the same, decided to ditch the craziness of being a finance/business manager to find something that didn’t suck my soul out through my eyeballs. Not so lucrative or secure & sometimes I think I must be crazy but deep down I know it’s right for me. Looking forward to following your adventures in 2014.

    • njd1insulin

      As if our diabetic eye balls didn’t have enough to contend with! Thanks Mel. It’s reassuring to hear the tales of others who take the plunge to back themselves.

  2. Oh nice! Yay! You’re coming to Tasmania! I’ll get R to keep an eye out for 2014 relevant tips for the Overland for you. Lookd like a great start to the year!

    • njd1insulin

      Yep! Just got to hook up flights/buses/dates to get on the trail. Trying to avoid school hols both in VIC & TAS, which are at different times. I’ll shoot you an email once dates are locked in. We might even get to meet and drink tea, Miss Jenna!

  3. clare2004

    What great plans Dow Ling, it sounds much healthier. I remember when playing buzzword bingo was fun because everyone knew they were silly – then strange persons higher in the bureaucracy started believing them. What the???!!!??? And the more the spin is pointed at, the more it’s believed. Weird. BTW, I think I can see 11 kangas. Are they grey kangaroos? Dog and i often meet swamp wallabies on our 6km Beechy Line ramble, but over Chrisssy were confronted with the world’s biggest grey kangaroo EVER. Taller than Bill and I’m sure with a better right hook. Luckily after a long appraising look he decided to turn and bound away up the track, instead of coming towards us. My dog (wearing her new diamente collar in pink leather – yeah, Santa has a sense of humour) ran all the way home. Maybe she figured if she wasn’t dressed like a guard dog, she couldn’t act like one ;-)

    • njd1insulin

      Alas, no jar of jelly roos for you Rho Den. Commendable effort but I spot a few more than that. Perhaps because some of them are teeny weeny and you are now attuned to greeting giant ones they do not register on your scale. Yes, I think they are greys. Maybe your king roo was just turning back home to get its own costume? Very happy to be ditching bureaucracy, though it would have been fun if we’d played a few more games planting silly buzz words and seeing what took off. I’m sure rose coloured nostalgia will kick in at some point. But your gardening and writing life sounds way more gold star happy days.

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