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Hypos from the Land of Slumber

Once I awoke as I was salivating on a chicken parma.  This morning’s signal was me disrupting a meandering nonsense conversation with a friend in a bank, which morphed into a park bench where I was suddenly pricking my finger to check my blood sugar.

On each occasion like this, I wake up the instant that the food or sugar related thing makes its appearance in my dream.

When I wake I am pretty slammed. I have a headache. I’m groggy, lethargic and sometimes sweaty. My sugars have switched to high. This is because my liver has done its job of converting stored glycogen into glucose, and then pumped it into my system to recorrect my body’s low.

Because I’m out of it when these hypos happen they have a bigger impact on me physically than awake hypos, which I can generally sense happening and attend to early by shoving food in my gob. They don’t happen all of the time. I think last night (5am) was a low in response to an extra dose to correct a post-dinner high. Or maybe hormones. I always try to understand the why, but sometimes things happen that just don’t make sense.

Up-down-up-down. I now need to take care to get the balance back.

As much as I hate these big hypos I’m utterly fascinated by the mind-body-subconscious that links my dream state to the physiology.  Is this normal or am I so paranoid about these things that my mind is alert to them or I’ve trained myself to respond?

When I came out of general anaesthetic earlier this year, my first words were “What is my blood sugar?” In the only time I’ve been as drunk as a skunk since diagnosed I was still utterly meticulous about checking my blood sugar and scoffing jelly beans between each of my six revolting red wine chunders (all the while having an amusing slurred chat to myself).

But there is not much that is funny about these hypos. I’m particularly annoyed by what seems to be this week’s hypo conspiracy to undermine pilates. Right now I’m missing a class because I’m too wrecked to physically exert myself.  Earlier in the week I dropped low for the first time ever in the midst of a class and had to sit out the last 15 minutes and shove in jelly beans and a sesame bar before I could drive home.  So twice now this week, Type 1 diabetes has disrupted something I love, that is good for me, expensive and paid for upfront!  Boo bloody hiss.

Most days I can handle the inconvenience and constant juggling that is my life as a Type 1 diabetic. But every now and then I have those frustrating moments when it makes me cross and I want it to piss off.  Cue the Rolling Stones…(i.e. you can’t always get what you want).


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