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Farewell to the House of Diagnosis

Moving house is arduous and I had the blood sugar lows to prove it.  For about four days I maintained an upright position thanks to ginger beer and a mobile stash of corn chips. Standard meals were gobbled with reduced or skipped insulin but still all that packing, weeding, cleaning and moving stress kept me needing to replenish.

I was diagnosed while living in that house so it feels like the door has now closed on a distinct phase. Yep, Type 1 diabetes is still with me every second of my life and it’s not going anywhere.  But I have learned how to accept and cope. And because I am generally managing ok, I feel better physically than I have for yonks.

When I first moved back to the country I was escaping the relentlessness of the city. I’d been unwell and was embarking on an exploratory expedition to find the source. In that old cottage behind the hedge I got some answers and was able to hide away in a little sanctuary and digest it all.

Health challenges make you re-evaluate what you want. Redundancy gave me indulgent think and play time. My four year stay in that house marks physical improvement but also significant emotional development. So it was fitting and liberating to have a ceremonial farewell to the old and a welcome to the new.

As a friend pointed out, compared with the old cottage the new pad is light, open, airy and has a spectacular view, which represents how I want my life to be.  It’s a fresh start and the place is symbolic and imbued with possibility to brew ideas and dreams for how I want things to be.  And maybe some ginger beer in the garage.

It’s a short blog today.  I had a bundle of notes written down about moving and the personal response to change etc. blah blah etc. that I was going to expand on. But now that all seems like reflection overkill. The new is here and I’m more interested in that.  Hence my need today to say thanks but no thanks to a full-time job offer from a university. It just does not accord with the life I want.

But I do have to say thanks to some people for their help in the move.  Dave & Mum for their garden transformation and also to Rudic the maker of the desk upon which this blog is typed.  And to JA for the regal pomp.


3 comments on “Farewell to the House of Diagnosis

  1. Oh how exciting for you to have a new place. It also must’ve taken a change of thinking and strength to turn down a full time job offer. Congrats on your changes.

    • njd1insulin

      Thanks Jenna. Crossover – I think we were commenting on our respective blogs at the same time! Yeah, I think it was panic and fear that made me apply in the first place – change can be challenging. Still hoping to get to Tassie soon and once I’ve locked it in, I’ll be seeking your tips.

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