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Some lady is wearing my old Blundstones

Does a Sunday arvo spent in a beer garden count for an Outdoors in October event? Nah, didn’t think so. So I guess we have a brief lull in the outdoor proceedings (until later this week).

garage saleSaturday brought forth the town garage sale and preliminary efforts to purge and move on from this, the House of Diagnosis. The criteria of no use of stuff for six months was ruthlessly applied to determine what items would be emigrated to the porch to apply for residency elsewhere.

With 21 houses on the map, the trailers were out and about early cruising the town in anticipation. Alas, not one of these trailers departed with any of my shelving units or big office furniture items.  It was mainly the little or odd things that took people’s fancy. And so I bid farewell to those boots of concrete and wish good luck to the lady now clomping around in her garden with the nostalgic scent of my size 10 feet.

In removing one of the shelves from its position of four years, I discovered a bug cemetery where they’ve all congregated to die. Ignoring what this says about my commitment to cleaning, it does seem a shame that spider Neal seems unaware of this site.  It’s possible he prefers them fresh. Neal is a big fuck off spider trying to assert housing rights.  I may have accidentally clopped off a couple of his legs in the first relocation exercise when I escorted him off the premises. Two days later he was back in the lounge room, bold as ever.  We’ve struck a deal acknowledging that he can stay providing he does no sleeping face drops.  He kept his part of the bargain even with a nibling lounge room sleepover on Saturday night.   But he scurried off when I came looking to snap his pic for the blog.

Speaking of pics, it was pointed out at the garage sale that film is the new vinyl, making a retro comeback. Yet no one bought the old SLR. The universe tells me I may just have to keep that and get the digital as well. In other garage sale news I was asked out by a nearby neighbour, ostensibly for being nice to his kids, methinks (’cause other than that it was just a polite exchange of pleasantries).  I think the voice of decline was cucumber cool but I can’t say for sure that my face didn’t go a bit awry.  According to beer garden banter on Sunday this good with kids thing is high on the single parents’ dating checklist.  Seems easier just being a PANK.

Sugars are messy as hell this week because over the weekend I ate some foods I would not normally consume and had two drinking sessions. This tends to make my sugars higher in the subsequent 48-72 hour period.  Guts and liver struggle a bit (a bigger post to come on all that palaver). Last night I could not get my blood glucose under 12 despite four injections from dinner onwards. It’s difficult to sleep when I’m high like that because it makes me need to wee every 20 minutes. I also get agitated and my head races at a million miles an hour. Stress exacerbates this…and it’s a week chock full of job interviews and I’m weighing things up… it’s coming to crunch time to configure the 2014 hiking projects and to get things in place for the next big phase of life.  Just quietly, I’m getting antsy.


4 comments on “Some lady is wearing my old Blundstones

  1. Bernadette

    A great read. Love “The House of Diagnosis” – definitely time to move on and get started on the next chapter. Can’t wait to see what your new home gets labelled!
    But what do the P and A stand for in PANK (assuming NK is no Kids)?

    • njd1insulin

      I’m having difficulty just labelling all the balconies/porches in this new joint. Sticking for now to unimaginatively functional terms such as the entrance balcony, sunset balcony, tradesman’s loo balcony…but looking forward to the big picture that reveals itself in the months ahead!

      P is for Professional and A is for Aunty. The derivation was a marketing term identifying professional childless women who were aunts that spent time with and money on their niblings. I however, choose to invoke aunty as a profession in its own right.

  2. Gareth

    Just love your blog

    • njd1insulin

      Cool! Thanks heaps for reading Gareth, and for providing your feedback.

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