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Camel’s Hump-Mt Macedon return (SiSS Episode 5)

I did not want to leave the house016

Was not exactly feeling grouse

Knowing I had to make blog talk

Forced me to take head for a walk

Soon enveloped by restorative green051

Starting to feel a little serene

Preceding weeks had been quite strange

Uncertainty and confounding change

Add to that new Chinese MedTCM

Herbs that messed with body and head

Sugars were weird, hand blisters were back

Tummy and mind were all out of whack

Challenged by dialogue about what I want076

Struggling towards internal détente

A lover was lost but new home found

Yet overwhelmingly still unsound

It’s obvious but I must confess059

A tendency to overstress

Confronted by realities from DOC*

Worrying on my complications clock

Line by line to the horoscope070

‘Tis odd what we’ll invent to cope

Epiphany to drop Masters course

Big relief and nary remorse

Time to create, not to over-think030

If I do the same old I will sink

But eight kilometres and up Camel’s Hump

Hauled my arse out of this Sunday slump

Coming up next: Outdoors in October series. And the return of the sentence.

 *Diabetes Online Community.



2 comments on “Camel’s Hump-Mt Macedon return (SiSS Episode 5)

  1. meltwicediabetes

    Sounds like you’ve had metaphorical as well as a literal hump to get over, I like the way you’ve expressed it. Stunning pictures of the Aussie bush it almost inspires me to go bushwalking (almost…).

    • njd1insulin

      Well you almost didn’t get any of those almost inspiring enough pics…was far too crusty grumpy stomping my way through the first leg talking to myself, and had no interest in taking photos. Luckily it was a double back route and I was calmer on the way back! Thanks, Mel.

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