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River vs Insulin

A stroll (at pace) along the local Campaspe River is a daily must do.  It’s not exactly strenuous but it’s about where I’m at until the iron transfusion gives me back my super powers.

Campaspe Walk 6

I’ve been trying to time the walk for after lunch so I don’t need any insulin.  The 45 minutes along the river is enough to act against what I’ve eaten if I go low carb.  Tuna and vegies today, the walk, then return to BG 6.6.  If I’d had carbs I’d have needed insulin.  And if I’d had insulin I would not have been able to walk for next three hours because I drop rapidly if I exercise when I’m peaking.  Because I’m honeymooning I don’t need a lot of insulin, which does not give me heaps of room to play around with adjustments.

I’ve been thinking more about low carb diets after hearing discussions on its benefits and possibilities for T1DM on ABC Radio National recently.   It’s the kind of the approach I’ve gravitated to, though wholefoods is probably more my mantra.

It was pretty disappointing to hear an endocrinologist defend the information status quo on the presumptive grounds that it’s apparently too hard and too much to expect T1 diabetics to adjust behaviour to adopt this approach. Well, I remember I was a bit shocked when I was introduced to the ‘eat whatever the hell you like and shoot up approach’ of DAFNE that is put forward by most diabetic health professionals. It was confronting because it ran counter to my intuitive and prevailing ideas for managing my own health.

Everyone has their way of looking after themselves, which is informed by the information we are given or seek and our own experiences.  I get that people don’t want to be denied stuff.  And no one wants righteous ‘this is what I do so you should too’ shoved at them.  But I do think it would be good hear more prominently about this option, as just one of a variety of ways to manage.   Check out the links to the discussions below:

Anyway, today, the river wins.

Campaspe Walk 3

Campaspe Walk 7



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