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Are those Jelly Beans in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Sugar.  Honey.  Sweetie.  Are these suitable endearments for a T1 diabetic in the throes of passion? If you’re going to shag one you need to know that safe sex takes on an added dimension.  Heart racing?  Sweaty?  Shaky?  Ecstatic incoherence? Earth moving?  Don’t assume it’s lover prowess.  It could be hypo land.

This means blood sugar is too low and some of the sugar, honey, sweet stuff is required, pronto.  If not remedied quickly with some fast-acting carb, said diabetic has the potential to slip into dangerous coma territory.

I’ve not yet had a massive hypo where I’ve needed someone to intervene on my behalf.  But I’ve had some well, let’s just say, interesting moments…

Keeping it G rated from here on though, the trippiest one I had early on after diagnosis was at work.

I arrived in the morning having walked from the train station, unfamiliar at that stage with the impact of exercise in my peak insulin window.  I asked my colleague Michelle if someone had called maintenance yet to deal with the flickering lights.  What a strange coincidence that all of those globes were blinking at once.  She looked at me in a way that made me know something was not right.   I was 2.7.  And that thankfully is the lowest I’ve ever been.

Early on I used to feel like I got hit with a truck when I had one.  But as I’ve gotten better at managing overall and recognising the signals earlier it’s more like a mini minor.   Geez it must be tough for the folks who have hypo unawareness and cannot sense the signals.


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