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The Confectioner Conundrum

I got an email yesterday from a research institution regarding my job application from some time ago.  I just assumed I’d been dumped, but apparently the shortlisting process has been … Continue reading

30/08/2013 · 5 Comments

Iron Woman Food

Seven hours of hospital time today waiting for the iron to drip feed into my blood.  At least it was a speedier pace than the Pitch Drop Experiment, which I … Continue reading


River vs Insulin

A stroll (at pace) along the local Campaspe River is a daily must do.  It’s not exactly strenuous but it’s about where I’m at until the iron transfusion gives me … Continue reading


Nitmiluk Experience

Five days of hiking and we’d not encountered a single person. The wilderness spell enhancing the taste of the powdered-milk tea was good to last one final cup as we … Continue reading

24/08/2013 · 2 Comments

Drinking Wine to Eat Dessert

I was too scared to imbibe for the first six months after my T1 diagnosis.  All that reading about how bad hypos mimic drunkenness had me a little uptight. In … Continue reading


…and Great Rock n’ Roll

My buddy Dan will often trail off a conversation or an observation with a chuckled “Aagh, Good Times.” It’s become my habit to respond automatically with “And Great Rock n’ … Continue reading


Don’t Wear Fisherman Pants to Hospital

In the clash of one size fits all cotton comfort versus apparel logistics, it is inevitable that of the one in 17 or so times that you forget about those … Continue reading